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How to turn couple sex into a job, and break through on Cam

LeoLulu: we interviewed the most popular amateur couples on Chaturbate & Pornhub.

Young YouTubers and Instagrammers, digital marketers and porn actors like Steve and Danika Mori all have one thing in common: starting from the bottom and without any mediator, they have created a huge audience. We do not say anything new, in fact, when we speak of the "bubble of the amateur couples". For some time now platforms such as Pornhub have been populated by these couples, who upload videos independently and make money without the need for agents, directors, producers, cast directors. Unlike the other influencers, however, not much is known about these amateur couples, and the media attention reserved for porn is still focused on professional pornstars. We decided to interview some of the most famous amateur couples, to understand how they started and how their work works. Kim (25 years) and Paolo (30) are an Argentine couple of Italian origin. Today, after traveling the world, they live in Barcelona. I"m in 93rd place in Pornhub searches. You are one of the first couples of this new wave. How did you meet, and how did you get to porn? We met in 2013 through mutual friends, during a trip. We promised ourselves that nothing would happen in those days, [but once we got back] we stayed a month locked in Kim"s apartment to have sex. We didn"t want friends to know about our relationship, so we did everything we could to keep it secret: one night, however, on another trip, a friend woke up and caught us having sex. We understood that we liked to be watched, so we started to cultivate this fetish by going to swingers clubs, having sex outdoors, and recovering. Making porn was our dream, but in Argentina, between family and everything, it was not easy. One day we bought two tickets to Milan, and once in Italy we started doing webcam shows. The rest was a consequence. You shoot various types of videos, can you explain them to me? There are travel vlogs, in which followers can see us fuck in dream locations. There are many outdoors, in places where we could be seen by others, such as buses, trains, planes, beaches ... Then there are videos in which we experience our fantasies: we play roles of imagination and follow a kind of "plot" —We"ve also opened an email address to which fans can submit proposals for content. Finally, there are videos in which we simply bounce back home, to show our most intimate side. Your profession matches your life practically. How would you describe it? Making amateur porn is exactly like being a freelancer. In general, the more you work, the more your videos get visibility, and the more you earn — from personalized video sales, live shows, snapchat, fan clubs, paid photo sets, ad revenue, sugar daddy who loves to spoil us, and donations on pornhub. Those who start, however, must keep in mind that sex also becomes a kind of "job", and this can put the couple to the test. There are two possibilities: either porn will prove that their relationship is steel, or it will destroy it. Do you believe that amatory is the future of cam? We are certainly experiencing an evolution. Amateur porn is certainly not new, but now there are many platforms and tools, and this is the novelty. We could be your neighbors, your friends who fuck after making a joint on the beach, between one laugh and another. In our opinion, amateur porn shows more of what real sex is like, how women like to be touched, licked, and penetrated in real life (and the same goes for men). We don"t know if it"s the future of porn, but it"s definitely the present.